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Robotics, Artificial Intelligence


The replication or you can say if a machine shows human like responses. Particularly computer systems, is known as artificial intelligence. Expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision are some examples of specific AI applications.

With the advancement of technology, we came to see different inventions on a daily basis. As the world is progressing the technology is also progressing with the same pace. So if someone want to be successful in his life he or she has to adopt with the latest technology. To get you equipped with the latest technologies we are here. That’s the best thing about us that we provide latest news and invention occurring in the field of Artificial intelligence.

In near future artificial intelligence will become that technology¬† which can be used in any department or field, For example if we talk about the medical field, the artificial intelligence can be of greater use. Some saying that the artificial intelligence will replace the surgeons as well, means the robots are going to perform surgery and there will be no chance of error as they are robot. But we think that is not possible because at some point the robots also has limitations because they can only work and perform in specific instructions which are given by humans. A machine cannot make a complex machine than than self, but the human brain can think beyond limits, there is no doubt about it. As we progress we will see wonder and miracles are will be going to happen with this technology. Some say that AI is dangerous to the human race. Well if you you it for the goodness of the people it couldn’t be dangerous any more.

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