An artificial intelligence robot dog, Unitree Go1

With the advancement of robotics industry, we see new invention day by day. Recently a company name Unitree launched a Artificial intelligence robot named as Unitree Go1 pro, which has similar features like a trained army dog.



Unitree Go1, an artificial intelligence robot dog
Unitree Go1, an artificial intelligence robot dog

One of the most thrilling robots to enter a classroom. Period. The last.

With never-before-seen applications in fields including Advanced Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Law Enforcement, Quality Control, and More, Toolkit’s quadruped robots are revolutionizing education and business!

Our Go1 Ai Pro robot is the ideal choice for your training program because it comes with the Unitree Quadruped Go1 Ai Pro Robot “Dog” and a comprehensive curriculum for programming, CTE, computer science, and more.

Features of Go1 pro

The GO1 has a battery life of up to two hours and weighs around 26 pounds with the battery included. It has the potential to be used for delivery, surveillance, quality control, and more, and it can carry up to 11 pounds. The GO1 quadruped is ideal for a range of high school, college, and university programs since it has a comprehensive curriculum.

This is the latest model of Unitree , named as SES Go1 AI pro. For more info you can go to

Exciting Potential Meets Practical Training of this robot dog

The nearly infinite number of potential applications that students can develop with their quadruped robot is perhaps the most interesting feature of Toolkit’s Unitree Quadruped Go1 Ai Robot.

Why should we only focus on a student’s technical prowess? Should we, on the other hand, only emphasize a student’s creative side?

We at TOOLKIT think both are possible through career and technical education. Additionally, our mobile dog robots are the ideal training tool and group project for your CTE programs. Students will learn useful C++ and Python programming, as well as technologies like LiDAR, and then apply their newfound skills to real-world community problems

As the time is progressing the AI is progressing too like a newest invention of the smartest human like search engine , the ChatGPT is gaining a million visitors per week which in near future will do wonders for the humanity.

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