Lensa, the new app which uses AI to converts your selfies in to avatars

Your Instagram feed may have started to show a new trend. With the aid of the Lensa app, created by artificial intelligence, your pals are transforming themselves into digital art.

Although you must pay to utilize the AI artwork feature, Lensa AI is now the top free app in the Apple and App Store.

Initially created in 2018 as a photo editing tool, Lensa has added a new function dubbed “Magic Avatars.” These artificial intelligence (AI)-generated digital self-portraits transform you into works of art with a range of themes, including pop, fairy princesses, and anime.

An initial 7 days are free. After that, subscription costs vary, with yearly unrestricted access costing between $14.99 and $49.99. You will need to pay an additional $3.99 for 50 photos in order to use the “Magic Avatar” function.

Here’s how you can give it a try.

How to use Lensa to produce digital art:

Releases like ChatGPT and Dall-E in recent months have contributed to a rise in generative AI. An AI chatbot with a lot of potential is ChatGPT, which has also just become popular. You can ask it to create stories and poems or utilize it to provide answers. Dall-E is a text-to-image generator powered by AI that was developed by OpenAI, the same company as ChatGPT. When you enter some text, an image is produced.

Stable Diffusion is an open-source image generator that is used by Lensa. Here is a starting point.

  • Install Lensa AI on an Android or iPhone.

  • Start the app.

  • Go to the “Photos” tab.

  • A yellow button with the text “Magic Avatars” will be shown.

  • You’ll receive a warning that there can be faults and artifacts in the photographs, and you must accept those conditions before moving on. Creating pictures with many heads or limbs is one of these inaccuracies. Although I saw several images that produced two different eye colors, this didn’t happen to me.

  • You will be requested to upload 10 to 20 selfies after clicking “continue.” Using close-ups, images of adults, a diversity of backgrounds, and facial expressions are all advised by the app. It urges users to stay away from group photos, kid photos, face-covering photos, and nude photos.

  • The software states, “After the Avatars are ready, Photos will be quickly removed from our systems.”

  • You’ll be prompted to choose your gender after selecting 10–20 selfies.

  • Paying time has come. If you’re a member, prices are 51% off, making 50 avatars, 100 images, and 200 images each cost $3.99, $5.99, and $7.99, respectively.

  • You’ll get a notification that your avatars are prepared for viewing and storing after about 20 minutes. Avatars in a range of distinct styles, including Fantasy, Fairy Princess, Focus, Pop, Stylish, Anime, Light, Kawaii, Iridescent, and Cosmic, will be given to you.

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