AI infusion at CES gadget extravaganza

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which starts on Thursday in Las Vegas, will feature a comprehensive display of the most recent developments in artificial intelligence in everything from cars, robots, and appliances. AI infusion was found on everything present in this show.

AI infusion at CES gadget extravaganza
AI infusion at CES gadget extravaganza

Tens of thousands of attendees are looking for a return to the jam-packed halls and lightning-fast deal-making that were once the hallmark of the annual tech extravaganza after the pandemic forced it to go virtual in 2021 and hybrid last year.

According to Avi Greengart, an analyst at Techspotential, “In 2022, it was a shell of itself—empty halls, no meetings in hotel rooms.”

“Now, (we expect) crowds, difficulty navigating, and meetings held in private rooms—because that’s what a trade fair is all about.”

The CES exhibition doesn’t start until January 5, but businesses will start competing for attention with the newest technology as early as Tuesday.

The vast Las Vegas Convention Center and pavilions erected in parking lots are just a few of the more than 18 acres (seven hectares) that will be devoted to CES. To boost business, ballrooms and banquet halls will be used all around Sin City.

Analysts predict that the next generation of cars, trucks, boats, farm machinery, and even flying vehicles will draw attention because mobility is now the next frontier in computing.

It will almost feel like you’re at an auto show, according to Kevan Yalowitz, Accenture’s head of platform strategy.

More than ever, cars today have operating systems that are so similar to those of a smartphone or laptop that Accenture predicts that by 2040, nearly 40% of vehicles on the road would require remote software updates.

Additionally, as companies compete to attract passengers’ attention with streaming or purchasing services on board, connected automobiles also bring apps and online entertainment.

Artificial intelligence-enhanced electric vehicles will also be on show “in a big way,” according to Greengart.

According to independent tech expert Rob Enderle, “personalized flying machines have truly been the talk.”

In essence, they are drones that transport people.

AI infusion in CES Vegas, metaverse also gear for venturing the budding in 2023
AI infusion in CES Vegas, metaverse also gear for venturing the budding in 2023

AI infusion in Meta

Immersive virtual worlds, or the “metaverse,” led by Zuckerberg’s Meta are seen by some to be the future of the ever-evolving internet, amid widespread accusations that the billionaire CEO is excessively spending in an unproven industry.

Virtual reality headgear that transports users to the metaverse is anticipated to once again be a big feature at CES after dominating the show last year.

In an effort to convince skeptics that the company’s decision to pivot to the metaverse was the right one, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, will be letting a small group of visitors sample its most recent Oculus Quest virtual reality headgear.

In addition to NFTs and blockchain technology, other products or services marketed as being a part of the “Web 3” generation of the internet are anticipated to include mixed reality equipment.

Web 3 envisions a more decentralized internet in which tech oligopolies, large corporations, or governments do not maintain total control.

The concept of how we will interact will be a major topic at CES, according to Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi.

Analysts had anticipated that cryptocurrencies would be highlighted as Web 3 breakthroughs at the expo, but due to the collapse of the cryptocurrency platform FTX and the arrest of its CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, there “may be pullback,” according to Milanesi.

The effect of COVID in climate

Since items created during a period of lockdowns and remote work are now entering the market even if lives are reverting to pre-COVID patterns, Greengart warned that CES offers will likely demonstrate the effects of the pandemic.

At CES, there will be a lot of technology made to improve health assessments and enable remote communication with healthcare professionals.

Although the exhibition is blatantly about consumption, the environment will also be a major topic, with devices made to scoop trash out of waterways and apps that encourage people to use less energy.

According to analysts, many businesses are switching from plastic to biodegradable materials for packaging while also attempting to lower carbon emissions.

CES is not for people who live off the grid and cultivate their own food, according to Greengart.

But I do applaud businesses that figure out how to make their goods and supply chains more sustainable.

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