Top 5 artificial intelligence technologies

Top 5 artificial intelligence technologies:

The deployment of artificial intelligence increased from 4% to 15% between 2018 and 2019, according to a Gartner analysis. Artificial intelligence incorporates a wide range of cutting-edge and emerging technologies. From small businesses to enormous corporations, there is a race to adopt artificial intelligence for data mining, operational excellence, etc. Let’s talk about the ten newest applications of artificial intelligence.

The recognition by speech:

A significant branch of artificial intelligence is voice recognition, which transforms spoken language into a form that computers can utilize and comprehend. The bridge between human and computer interactions is speech recognition. The technology can translate and recognize human speech in a variety of languages. A well-known example of speech recognition is Siri on the iPhone.

Artificial beings/ Virtual agents:

The use of virtual agents by instructional designers has increased significantly. A computer program that communicates with people is referred to as a virtual agent. Chatbots are used by web and mobile applications as customer care representatives to communicate with people and respond to their inquiries. Both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant make it easier to plan meetings and go shopping. A virtual assistant performs similar functions to a language assistant by taking cues from your preferences and choices. The common customer care inquiries that are posed in various ways are comprehended by IBM Watson. Virtual agents function similarly to software as a service.

‚ÄčTo generate a natural language:

Machines transmit and interpret information differently than the human brain. A popular method called “natural language generation” transforms structured data into the user’s native tongue. Algorithms are programmed into the machines to transform the data into a format that the user will find appealing. A subset of artificial intelligence called natural language assists content creators in automating content and delivering it in the desired format. To reach the desired audience, content creators can employ automated content to promote on different social media platforms and other media platforms. The amount of human intervention will be greatly reduced as data is transformed into the desired formats. Charts, graphs, and other visual representations of the data are available.

Automation of robotics processes:

Artificial intelligence is used in robotic process automation to program a robot (software application) to understand, communicate, and analyze data. This branch of artificial intelligence assists in automating repetitive, rule-based manual tasks to some extent or completely.

Management of the decision:

Decision management systems are being implemented by contemporary businesses for the conversion of data and its interpretation into predictive models. Applications at the enterprise level use decision management systems to get current information and analyze corporate data to help with organizational decision-making. Decision management facilitates rapid decision-making, risk mitigation, and process automation. The decision-making method is widely used in the financial, healthcare, trade, insurance, and e-commerce industries, among others.

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