Artificial intelligence alarms in time to save endangered species

As the world is going towards globalization and increasing deforestation and making of new colonies. There is an increase risk of species to be endangered is increasing. For example if a road is made through a forest or new colonies is being made than there is a risk on extinction of rare species. Not only with colonization harsh climate, drought or fire in a forest, these kind also increases the risks. In this situation artificial intelligence alarms in time to save a lot of endangered species on time. These crises is occurring at very fast speed than on can expect. And the biodiversity is decreasing at a rapid pace. To decrease this rate there should be a counter system to save these special and rare species.

For this a scientist from the university of Fribourg named Daniele Silvestro proposed and idea. In this idea the artificial intelligence uses the ariel images and the help of some citizens which will take ground images analyze the data. And than this AI app will give us an alarm and tell us about endangered species. The artificial intelligence can analyze data at more rapid pace than human. For this purpose they have developed a system which is based on artificial intelligence. This system or app can analyze different information and data regarding environment and images and different surveys. Than this AI system will analyze this ground data and satellite images data and will give us the results.

This is all going to happen will this artificial intelligence alarms which works much faster than a human eye. This will give us the results in short period of time which is nearly impossible for the human to do. But this project is not completed without the help of local volunteers those who have the mobile phone and will take the ground pictures of different places and upload in a specific application which will easily recognize that which species of trees or the animals are present there, with the help of which it will become so easy for the AI to analyze the data because this data cannot be fetched by the drones or from the satellite images. So the local volunteers are going to play a very important role in this.

Now the data has been received, the Ai would monitor the data and analyze it at a good pace so that give us the results and the solutions as well on the basis of which the scientist will take the necessary measures to stop the happening of such catastrophe. This AI app uses a specific techniques which is usually used in the games in which different strategies are made just the game of chess. In this¬† app the Ai will investigate the pattern analyze it and provide a strategy of the things that are going to happen if will didn’t do anything . For more detail study visit.

Now the Silvestro is focusing on the development of an open source engine named as CAPTAIN which is the Conservation Area Prioritization Through Artificial Intelligence. It will help us to lessons the risk of endangered species to be extinct.

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