Artificial intelligence in fashion, New study explores

Artificial intelligence in fashion is becoming a new trend in the media and fashion industry. As the world is progressing the application of artificial intelligence in various industries is increasing day by day. In fashion industry you can see different wearable made by different brands. And for the ease of the customer, now they are moving towards application of artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence is used for different tasks for example for the customization of automatic processing and giving latest recommendations for the for the customer o wearable’s which are the latest trend. Many application of the artificial intelligence in the industry like creative designing by keeping the trend in the loop and also some screen are available where you can stand in front of it and choose different wearable’s you like to wear or in which you fit in.

Human designer can AI creative designers can work together.? For finding the answer of this question the professor of Pusan national university of Korea Yoon Kyung Lee did a in depth study and published his publications in Thinking skill and Creativity. The professor said in his publication that’ At a time when AI is so deeply ingrained into our lives, this study started instead with considering what a human can do better than AI. Using DC-GANs professor Kyung Lee created new textile designs. Than these designs are compared with the designs of the students. The design were almost similar but the main difference was the uniqueness and the and the with the experience as a person they are designing with shows its originality. But repeatedly creating design from the Artificial intelligence we can improve the quality of the designs. These designs can be use to gain experience, mean you can use this as a tool. A person can enhance it creativity by working with the AI designs.

This is a very complex human and AI connection. It was difficult to analyze this system so that’s why the professor made a human-AI model in which the human think and create a creative idea or a design and share it with the AI and than Artificial intelligence interconnect and evolve this idea in such a way that is become a more promising design. The fashion industry can use technology to predict changes in the sector and provide recommendations services. In the Human-AI collaborative design environment, setting objectives, variables, and constraints is part of the designer’s work. As a result, their work should go beyond only the visual and instead span a wide range of disciplines. For study more you can visit.

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