Deepfake, China passes the law against its creation

China is one of the biggest superpower of the world. China has passed the law against deepfake AI generated fake character of important celebrities. The generation of these deepfakes can be used for humiliation and manipulation which is wrong. This is a very serious crime and it help the psychopath’s to spread the wrong information through its use. There are a lot of deepfake of different famous figures like to make look like US House speaker drunk , Nancy Pelosi. Firstly everyone thought that this was Nancy but later it was announced as a deepfake. Other famous figures like Sam Bankman who is the founder of FTX. In his deepfake he commits a fraud and after that the FTX coin and currency went down the market and he became a total bankrupt. Ukrainian President is also on the list too. Volodymyr Zelenskyy spreading misinformation in his deepfake.

 The CAC(Cybercrime Administration of China) explains that in the last few years this technology is growing very rapidly and along with giving proper access and ease to the user , this is used by many bad people and criminals, to spread and distract and defame the famous personalities and humiliate them, which is totally against Human rights.

They are not completely banning this technology but they are applying certain obligations for the creators, like the deepfake they create should not harm or defame or disrupt the reputation of personalities. It should not be the cause of humiliating someone or used to spread false information. And there should be a specific watermark for these deepfake to identify the creator.

On this day 10, January 2023 they pass the new rules

  • Not processing personal data unlawfully

  • Regularly study, assess, and validate algorithms

  • Set up management procedures and safety measures

  • Use real identity information to verify users

  • Create procedures for reporting grievances

CAC say that for implementing such a huge law it requires the involvement of governments, big enterprises, multinational companies and the citizen of China. So that the risks that are involved in technology for misuse should become minimum. If you want to learn more visit.

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