Quick copy and paste using AR and ML

Cyril Diagne a France based artist and designer created an AR quick copy and paste application. Which helps you to quickly extract an image from your surrounding and paste it in to your PC. It basically allows you to digitalize the objects in your surroundings area. The old method of quick copy and paste has not be used in this application. Augmented reality and machine learning has been used in this application, which uses camera to capture your surrounding and paste it into a picture editing software in your computer. In this it  removes the background of the image and separately paste into you object in your PC screen within six seconds.

This tool is very helpful for the content creators and designer. As it will be easy for them to take the photo and upload or you can say paste it in to their computer rather than firstly taking the pictures, than editing it. Than uploading it into their computer screens for the work. This tool saves a lot of your time and its pretty beneficial. With the advancement of machine learning, it has become very easy to detect an object or people around you and crop it automatically and paste it into your PC.

Along with a number of other apps, such as Adobe Creative Suite, PowerPoint, Keynote, MS Paint, and Google Docs, AR Copy Paste can be utilized on Android, iOS, and desktops.

BASNet and Scale invariant Feature Transform using Open source technologies which is used in this application. BASNet makes it possible for the app to identify the object and eliminate the background. And SIFT links the coordinates on the phone screen to the PC screen. So you can position digital screenshots in precise locations on your computer screen. The human eye mechanism has a specific attention mechanism in which it focusses on only the important information and don’t pay focus on the other thing which are surrounding, but the in the camera eye it focusses on the or pay attention on two specific branches; silent object and sight fixation detection.

 Their are 3 stages from on which this application works:

App folder for mobile apps contains information on how to install the app on your phone.

 Photoshop’s connection point with the mobile app. Using screenpoint, it determines where the camera is pointing on the screen. Instructions for setting up the local server can be found in the server folder.

Service for object detection and background removal. Currently, salience detection and background removal are handled by an outside service. Utilizing a tool like Deep Lap from within the mobile app would be much simpler. For more details visit https://medium.com/an-idea/copy-and-paste-your-surroundings-using-ar-9de8cef27c0a

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