Voice assistant AI is going to be launched by Amazon and Disney

When the world is shifting towards the Voice assistant AI technologies. Than why the biggest online purchasing store, Amazon and the most famous channel of world, Disney remain silent. Both Amazon and Disney in going to launch their First Voice assisted AI. Which is going to be “Hey Disney”.

In CES( consumer electronic show) 2023  the Amazon and Disney demonstrated their new Voice assistant AI “Hey Disney”. Which impressed everyone. As the world is progressing these companies should has to more towards this domain as well because in near future,  it will become all about AI.

The Amazon uploaded a blog post in which they say, this Voice assisted AI which is ” first of its kind” is going to be user friendly to everyone. And it will also provide access to wide variety of the Disney fun. It can be used in homes as echo and can also be used in some of the famous hotels of the Disney.

Disney created this experience using the Alexa Unique Assistant. A speech artificial intelligence (AI) framework that allowed the company to swiftly create its unique voice assistant that coexists with Alexa.

 As amazon say that the voice which is ‘Hey Disney” is  dubbed as Magical companion of Disney. In few months this service is going to be available in the US. And also in the Disney hotels and resorts from where you can use voice assisted speaker service for your ease.

When you will go to Walt Disney World and all the resorts or hotels of Disney, they will give you a wearable which is a Smart Disney Magic band. Which you can utilize in the park and the hotels as well.

“As a first-of-its-kind voice assistant, Hey Disney! preserves Disney’s long legacy of using technology to offer the things which are in trend. And also most convenient experiences to make your vacation better,” says Dan Soto, vice president of technology and digital at Disney. For more reading visit. https://www.analyticsinsight.net/amazon-and-disney-to-launch-first-of-its-kind-voice-assistant/

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